Historic Steadman Barn

If you haven’t seen it yet, drive by the museum and take a gander of our new white picket fence along the front and sides.  We appreciate the time and effort spent by W.J. City staff to help acquire the fence during the road widening process. We are also looking forward to finalizing site improvements in the front and back of the museum house. We would like to commend Larry Harper for completing his Eagle Project which was to acquire and install our new beautiful flagpole. Good job Larry! It is really hard now to drive by and not spot us. In fact, the museum is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 5 pm and by appointment. 

 We wish to thank all of our volunteers & Eagle Scouts who have been coming during the last few months who braved the cold weather to help us accomplish some needed tasks. We welcome those who are interested in being part of our museum board or would like to serve on committees and help preserve our West Jordan heritage. Please call Robert or Linda Dalley at 801-255-3116

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