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March 2001

The West Jordan Historical Museum  News

The restoration of the West Jordan Historical Museum house is proceeding on schedule for a summer of 2001 opening with expanded efforts on the part of the museum staff and community volunteers.

 There have been literally hundreds and hundreds of hours in the last two years of community service by the youth T.A.S.C. force, various wards, stakes, high school groups, city council members, citizens of West Jordan and eagle projects that have brought us this far. Recently, the West Jordan City Youth Council members assisted in painting some of the ceilings and office walls of the museum house. On the same day, a Boy Scout eagle project took place outside the house, which built and painted a picket fence around the relocated playhouse in the yard. The chicken yard surrounding the coop was also completed. 

We are looking for people to help us reach our summer opening goal. We still have some drywall preparation, texturing and painting to be completed. We are receiving some materials from a local business to finish the walls in the kitchen and bathroom and could use help in those areas. We are looking for assistance from a professional tile person to help finish the kitchen counter and backsplash with materials and labor. We have a claw foot bathtub that needs to be reconditioned and we would appreciate any assistance. Our biggest chore will be the floors. After the walls have been painted and wallpapered, we will need help obtaining equipment, material and people to help sand down the wood floors and refinish them, lay linoleum in a few of the rooms, finish the window frames etc. If you have the time and want to volunteer your services for any of the above, please call Linda Dalley at 255-3116. 

We would appreciate tax deducible cash or material donations such as paint, sanding supplies, wallboard, linoleum and electrical supplies to finish up the museum house. We are also looking for an expert in flood irrigation who can give us some advice on the best way to use our system as we have a lot of property to water. We want to be able to maintain the yard in the most conservatively and economical way we can while preserving the integrity of the watering system. We hope the museum is going to be a real asset for the community. We are also looking for volunteers to help staff the museum, serve on the museum board and on committees that will help run the museum. The community has been very generous with donated display items of West Jordan historical importance and hope we can find more. 

We are looking for items that date back to the beginning of West Jordan up through the 50’s and 60’s. Specifically we are looking for an original copy of the first printed history of West Jordan by Clara Richards, family histories of early West Jordan settlers, old photos of early West Jordan, farm equipment and wagons. We are looking for a working pull chain toilet, military uniforms and a Hoosier cabinet. We are looking for anything to do with the sugar factory, sheep herding, dairy industry, Indians, farming, businesses etc. of West Jordan. If you can help in anyway please give Linda or Bob Dalley a call at 255-3116. Thank you.

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